Chief Executive Officer

John has more than 30 years experience working at senior management levels including positions as General Manager, Marketing Director, Corporate Affairs Director, Vice President Corporate, Managing Director, CEO and Consultant of various local and international companies.

International Business Consultant

Business & Management Consultant (Malaysia)
Consultant/Vice President Corporate Affairs (Malaysia)
Senior Partner/Management Company (Australia)
Project Consultant (China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, UK)

Service Scope

Acquisitions, mergers and joint venture companies. Project financing, business plan and business proposal. Market research and feasibility studies. Global expansion. Business development and marketing strategies. Research and selection of products, towards market trends. Turn around, reorganize and develop new corporate strategies and operational systems.


His awareness of many people suffering from all kinds of financial and subsequent health issues, has given him the motivation to help others find the right solutions, to reduce or avoid the agony of business failure, that very often affects entire families. He understands deeply the true meaning of “ prevention is better than cure”. He is committed to this mission to help people reduce business risks and avoid business failure.

Global Market


To assist people to review and manage their business so that they can avoid failure and be successful in their endeavors, thereby delivering happiness and security to their families and contribute positively to society.

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

— Steve Jobs